Atailda Platforms' leadership


Co-Founder & Chairwoman

Julie was born in Paris, France. She graduated high school with a Baccalauréat in economic sciences. Then integrated a bachelor's in general economics and British history and civilizations.
She is currently the CEO of Atailda Platforms, where she also serves as a Co-Founder.
Julie is passionate about baking and cooking. She has always put her perfectionism into these activities and now has found a way to do it with the company's values.


Co-Founder & CTO/CEO

Luka grew up in Paris, and he always had an interest in code and the internet. He graduated high school with a science baccalauréat, and he then went on to study Swedish and Scandinavian Civilizations and Cultures.
He is now the co-founder and CTO/COO of Atailda Platforms. Luka cares deeply about privacy but also inclusion. For him, everyone should be able to do standard things—no matter their gender, disabilities or socioeconomic status—and he's committed to making that happen.